It is my common mistake that I Bookmark some webpages in browser’s bookmark bar, but very often those are lost. To overcome this mistake I have started to bookmark webpages in my blog. It seems to me  a very easier method.

Recursively copying directories in PHP
PHP to PDF conversion with TCPDF
Read and write Excel data with PHP
Storing Hierarchical Data in a Database
Working with JSON in PHP jQuery
Yii Framework + MySQL Part 2 (Creating Models)
Excel date conversion

A guid to CSS support in Email: 2007 Edition
Email sent goes to junk mail in Outlook

Summary of Resources Libraries Helpers Plugins
Debugging CodeIgniter Project using Xdebug and Netbeans
Setup Netbeans & Xdebug for debugging CodeIgniter with Firefox
CodeIgniter and PHP Howto – Embedding images in Email
Does Code Igniter automatically prevent SQL injection?
CodeIgniter XSS Protection is good, but not enough by itself.
CodeIgniter global variable
How to set siteside constants
RAD in CodeIgniter

PHP-MySql: Select previous row and next row from current ID
Using MySQL, Advanced Queries
MySQL Format Date
Character Sets and Collations in General
MySQL Upload from CSV

IELTS পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতির জন্য ১ ডজন বই

Blog Tutorial
Simple ACL

JQuery: Playing with Select
How to check whether an element exists using jQuery

Music from youtube
Music from youtube

PHP Tutorials: PayPal IPN Payment for Premium Content
Youtube Sourcecode

Codeigniter from Scratch (Vedio Tutorial)
Codeigniter from scratch (vedio tutorial)
24 Best Practices for AJAX Implementations
Working with JSon
Convert a Warm, Cheerful Web Design to HTML and CSS

Writing Secure PHP
Validate an E-Mail Address with PHP, the Right Way
Making Good Software
Top 7 programmers bad habits
How you’ll probably learn to split features
ছাড়তে চান দীর্ঘসূত্রিতা আর আলস্য? মনযোগ দিয়ে লিখাটি দেখুন,আপনিও পারবেন
The limitations of JSON

CodeIgniter from Scratch
Download Fonts
5000 Web Templates Incl. Php,Flash,Dhtml,Swish

Net surfing:

Never Let Me Go

Simple Modal
PHP: Sanitize Data to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks
Practical guide to subversion on Windows with TortoiseSVN
multiple queries in one sql statement



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