YAML (rhymes with ‘camel’) is a human-friendly, cross language, Unicode based data serialization language designed around the common native data structures of agile programming languages.

YAML is not Markup Language. It is a human friendly data serialization standard for all programming languages.

It is an human friendly and versatile data serialization language which can be used for log files, config files, custom protocols, the works.

It is broadly useful for programming needs ranging from configuration files to Internet messaging to object persistence to data auditing. It is easy to use, easy to learn, and cool.

Example: click here

invoice: 34843
date   : 2001-01-23
bill-to: &id001
    given  : Chris
    family : Dumars
        lines: |
            458 Walkman Dr.
            Suite #292
        city    : Royal Oak
        state   : MI
        postal  : 48046
ship-to: *id001
    - sku         : BL394D
      quantity    : 4
      description : Basketball
      price       : 450.00
    - sku         : BL4438H
      quantity    : 1
      description : Super Hoop
      price       : 2392.00
tax  : 251.42
total: 4443.52

YAML is a balance of the following design goals:
– YAML documents are very readable by humans.
– YAML interacts well with scripting languages.
– YAML uses host languages’ native data structures.
– YAML has a consistent information model.
– YAML enables stream-based processing.
– YAML is expressive and extensible.
– YAML is easy to implement.

Spyc is a Simple PHP YAML Class.

Useful links:
2. http://spyc.sourceforge.net

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